Posted by: janettediaz | June 7, 2010

Graduating Seniors

More from the banquet….

Posted by: janettediaz | June 7, 2010

More Shots From the Studio


It’s been a busy couple of months for me, with company in and out, watching my neighbor’s animals, and photo shoots. I’m about to start back at the local college and try to hurry up and finish. I don’t want to be in school forever. I’ve decided to get a business major instead of a photography major, it will help me out more I reckon. I’m not sure if I have a business-savvy mind, but I’m interested in business so that should help.

About this shoot…

Two days before this event I set up all the lights and fiddled around till I got everything looking the way I wanted. The  shots in the previous post of the little girl and the pictures of the little boy in the beginning of this post were taken that day. So the day of the event ( Banquet dinner at my church building honoring the graduating seniors) my husband moves the lights around and we tinker some more, we end up with the lights too far away and not enough fill light. Granted we were working with dim bulbs on a black background, but I was more pleased with the photos I did the first day. So after much retouching I have come up wit some that I’m willing to post. Next time I’m using a white drop cloth!!

Posted by: janettediaz | May 24, 2010

More Kiddos

I hope you enjoy my latest studio session.

I had tons of fun working with these two precious kids. Isn’t there is something magical in a child’s smile?


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I’m SUPER Excited


I got the opportunity to set up pro studio lights with the backdrop and everything. I took pictures of some of my Church at a banquet honoring two of the graduating high school seniors. I got to direct and pose people and everything. (I think one of my weakest skill areas is posing people.) So now I have lots of editting to do, but I’m way excited to share some of the photos. Hopefully I’ll have them up soon.

That’s all for now.


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Various Photos


Things have been busy and great here. My mom got to visit me for a whole week. We had a blast and I got to shoot a little bit while we were running about sight-seeing. We went to the Natural History Museum in downtown Houston, I strongly recommend it if you love gemstones.

Flowers from a quaint nursery.

I have an obsession with peacock feathers, I love how metallic they seem.

I took this quite a while back, in Alabama, on my grandma's farm.

This was also taken in Alabama.

Also taken from the nursery in Texas.

Taken in Florida.

Hope you loved them! My favorite is the feather, tell me which you favorite is!

Posted by: janettediaz | April 14, 2010

A Taste of Texas

I’m a new Texas resident, and I really enjoy it. I’m originally from Florida. Truthfully Texas and Florida are quite similar, it wasn’t hard for me to adjust to my new life. I’ve been trying to take lots of pictures for my friends and family to see how beautiful it is, anyway..

Here’s a peek at my wonderful, and blessed life.

These two are from my neighborhood.

I love to walk my dog back behind our house. This is one of the rare times that I took my camera along.

This one is from my backyard.

Picture taken in my backyard, unfortunately the pond is not there now.

This was shot at my college, we have a pretty pond with lilies.

Taken in my backyard.

I was walking around town and saw these horses. I proceed to march over to this little farm and ask some guys outside if I could take photos of their farm. They were fine with it and let me inside their barn. I asked why they had a farm, the answer was "just because"!

A shot of the horses alone.

I found this turtle stuck in a drainage thing behind my house. Initially the plan was to keep him as a pet, but upon further research his container would take too much cleaning. So I gave him to some friends who have a pond.

Found this mouse on my back porch, I trapped it and took it into the woods, I think it was sick.

A shot of a pipe that comes out from my house.

Posted by: janettediaz | April 10, 2010

Wedding Photos

I had the honor of photographing my sister-in-law’s wedding! They had a beautiful ceremony on the beach at sunset. This was a great opportunity for me to grow as a photographer and take my photoshop skills to the next level.

Feel free to give me feedback! This was the first wedding I shot.

I hope you enjoy.

This is the hotel where the bride and bridesmaids got ready.

Another shot of the pretty hotel.

This was the bride's lovely dress that I hung in the window (it was fairly dark in the room).

I wanted to capture these beautiful shapes and the details in her hair.

I've seen shots like this everywhere. I'm very fond of how this turned out. It helps to have a stunning bride!While the Bride was getting her make up done I wanted to capture a candid of her ring.

The mother of the groom did everyone's makeup.

Keeping the flowers cool.

This table was awesome, I'm so glad that it reflected everything. I think this turned out neat!

The cosmetics used to make everyone lovely.

The Bride's closeup with flowers in hand.

A mother and daughter shot.

I'm so glad that I thought of this!! I really love how it turned out. Right as I was about to take this I got a eyelash stuck in my eye. It was horrible, but I used the limo mirror to get it out. Crisis averted.

They were just stepping onto the beach, the bride saw the groom for the first time that day.

More vows.

And more vows..

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Little Kids

Little children are the best to photograph.

I really like this girl’s faint orange soda mustache.

Posted by: janettediaz | March 26, 2010

A Band Photo

I find it really important to show the personality of the artist you photograph. I had a lot of fun working with Yugoskavia (a Ska band in Winter Springs, FL) because they all have unique personalities that were easily captured in my camera.

I’ve learned when photographing boys to just sit back and let them do what comes natural- goofing around. Of course you have to remind them every once and again that they need to look towards the camera, and even suggest poses which they take and totally change.

It seems that girls are more worried in general how they look in the  photo.  They want to have more control- which is fine they just take a different approach. When photographing women they want to know how they are looking at all times, and are generally  more self conscious.

Posted by: janettediaz | March 26, 2010

1, 2, 3 jump!

1, 2, 3 jump!, originally uploaded by janettekdiaz.

I shot this photo for a new band in Winter Springs, FL called Yugoskavia. You can tell that they have high energy so it was fun working with them.

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