Posted by: janettediaz | June 7, 2011

Photographer’s Best Tips: for capturing great images of your pet

I can’t tell you how many blurry images I seen of man’s best friend. It is often frustrating when trying to get a good image of your sweet puppy or kitty. Pets mean so much to us, they are so full of joy, and life and even comedy. I have had lots of trial and ERROR when trying to capture my pets. Following is a list of my best tricks along with successful images that resulted.

1. Rub-a-dubb-dubb put them in a bath tub!!

There are several reasons this can work well. Semi-obedient dogs feel obligated to stay in the tub till told to get out, and even feisty pets will give up after being corralled for a long enough time. Also nothing looks cuter and more pitiful that a forlorned-looking pet who thinks they are getting a bath or who just received one. Another factor most people don’t think about is background. When in a tub the background is plain with little clutter in the background. Putting any subject in front of a plain background makes it more visually attractive.

2. Whipped cream and a spoon!

One day I was looking at whipped cream and I got a brilliant idea! Feed it to the animals and get shots of them licking their noses! I truly love these images so much, I hope it works for you too.

3. Scratch something!

I recently decided I wanted to capture both of my babies: Mooch (stripy ornery cat) and Lola (hyper white dog). I chose to put them up on a bench (nothing fun to smell or look at) and kitty has to think a second or two before he jumps off. I tried getting them to look at me but resorted to scratching on the fence next to me. They look contemplative since they are looking away, and looking the same way makes them seem more ‘united’ in the photo.

Some just for fun!


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