Posted by: janettediaz | May 19, 2011

How much should I spend on wedding photography?

Choose a cheap, non-experienced photographer and you might loose your cool.

A month after your wedding who is going to remember what your napkins looked like? Will they remember how your hair was done? If you have been to enough weddings you should know that guests will soon forget those special details each bride ponders over for hours. This may seem  sad but it this blog post is designed to give you perspective.

When the bouquet flowers have dried up you will still have those gorgeous photos of you holding the bouquet. Wedding photography should never be placed on the back-burner. Ensuring your special day gets captured beautifully should be a top priority. Let’s face it your don’t want to work hours on the table decorations and have a blurry image of it.

If you plan on saving money on your wedding photos think of this. An unexperienced photographer could very easily miss your first kiss as husband and wife because their camera’s flash wasn’t ready. They could easily freeze up when the pressure is on them to pose a family of 30 or more. I strongly believe every bride should hire a capable photographer to capture their most important day.

When it comes down to it price shouldn’t matter too much. If you can afford the top-notch stuff go for it because it is an important day! If your budget is tighter then do your homework! Look at the less expensive student photographers but look at their portfolio! In my opinion they need to have done several weddings  before you are in the clear. Let the beginners do free stuff for their family, don’t pay them anything if you aren’t impressed with their work!


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