Posted by: janettediaz | April 14, 2010

A Taste of Texas

I’m a new Texas resident, and I really enjoy it. I’m originally from Florida. Truthfully Texas and Florida are quite similar, it wasn’t hard for me to adjust to my new life. I’ve been trying to take lots of pictures for my friends and family to see how beautiful it is, anyway..

Here’s a peek at my wonderful, and blessed life.

These two are from my neighborhood.

I love to walk my dog back behind our house. This is one of the rare times that I took my camera along.

This one is from my backyard.

Picture taken in my backyard, unfortunately the pond is not there now.

This was shot at my college, we have a pretty pond with lilies.

Taken in my backyard.

I was walking around town and saw these horses. I proceed to march over to this little farm and ask some guys outside if I could take photos of their farm. They were fine with it and let me inside their barn. I asked why they had a farm, the answer was "just because"!

A shot of the horses alone.

I found this turtle stuck in a drainage thing behind my house. Initially the plan was to keep him as a pet, but upon further research his container would take too much cleaning. So I gave him to some friends who have a pond.

Found this mouse on my back porch, I trapped it and took it into the woods, I think it was sick.

A shot of a pipe that comes out from my house.


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