Posted by: janettediaz | April 10, 2010

Wedding Photos

I had the honor of photographing my sister-in-law’s wedding! They had a beautiful ceremony on the beach at sunset. This was a great opportunity for me to grow as a photographer and take my photoshop skills to the next level.

Feel free to give me feedback! This was the first wedding I shot.

I hope you enjoy.

This is the hotel where the bride and bridesmaids got ready.

Another shot of the pretty hotel.

This was the bride's lovely dress that I hung in the window (it was fairly dark in the room).

I wanted to capture these beautiful shapes and the details in her hair.

I've seen shots like this everywhere. I'm very fond of how this turned out. It helps to have a stunning bride!While the Bride was getting her make up done I wanted to capture a candid of her ring.

The mother of the groom did everyone's makeup.

Keeping the flowers cool.

This table was awesome, I'm so glad that it reflected everything. I think this turned out neat!

The cosmetics used to make everyone lovely.

The Bride's closeup with flowers in hand.

A mother and daughter shot.

I'm so glad that I thought of this!! I really love how it turned out. Right as I was about to take this I got a eyelash stuck in my eye. It was horrible, but I used the limo mirror to get it out. Crisis averted.

They were just stepping onto the beach, the bride saw the groom for the first time that day.

More vows.

And more vows..



  1. I think Vignette #1 is better. Seems to evoke more of a “daddy taking a walk with his little girl” feeling.

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