I can’t tell you how many blurry images I seen of man’s best friend. It is often frustrating when trying to get a good image of your sweet puppy or kitty. Pets mean so much to us, they are so full of joy, and life and even comedy. I have had lots of trial and ERROR when trying to capture my pets. Following is a list of my best tricks along with successful images that resulted.

1. Rub-a-dubb-dubb put them in a bath tub!!

There are several reasons this can work well. Semi-obedient dogs feel obligated to stay in the tub till told to get out, and even feisty pets will give up after being corralled for a long enough time. Also nothing looks cuter and more pitiful that a forlorned-looking pet who thinks they are getting a bath or who just received one. Another factor most people don’t think about is background. When in a tub the background is plain with little clutter in the background. Putting any subject in front of a plain background makes it more visually attractive.

2. Whipped cream and a spoon!

One day I was looking at whipped cream and I got a brilliant idea! Feed it to the animals and get shots of them licking their noses! I truly love these images so much, I hope it works for you too.

3. Scratch something!

I recently decided I wanted to capture both of my babies: Mooch (stripy ornery cat) and Lola (hyper white dog). I chose to put them up on a bench (nothing fun to smell or look at) and kitty has to think a second or two before he jumps off. I tried getting them to look at me but resorted to scratching on the fence next to me. They look contemplative since they are looking away, and looking the same way makes them seem more ‘united’ in the photo.

Some just for fun!

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6 Secrets to Finding the Right Wedding Photographer for You

I wrote you a list of the basic things you should get out a wedding photographer because you deserve it on your special day! Please use it when you are considering a photographer.

1. How many weddings have they done?
(This will help you gauge how comfortable they will be with posing your family.)
2. What equipment do they use use?
(They should have a camera with interchangeable lens and a mounted flash -which ensures photos won’t be too dark.)
3. Are they friendly, upbeat, and trustworthy?    
(This really helps when little flower girls don’t want to smile and crazy relatives want to hide behind someone in group shots.)
4. Will they edit the wedding photos in Adobe photoshop, Lightroom, Photoshop Elements or something similar? 
(The horrible zit that popped up on your nose won’t ruin your photos -because a profession will whisk it away with editting software.)
5. Does their style fit your own?
(If you want classy images without 80’s looking blurs on everything then you need a photographer with elegant style like your own.)
6. Do they just want your money?
(You need a photographer that wants to deliver great images that you will always cherish. They should want to build a relationship through striving to please you. This type of photographer wants to be your one-stop-shop for any photo needs you may have in the future. **They also make it a priority to make your wedding day go pleasantly. If a bouquet flower falls out right before you go down the aisle you want someone assertive who quickly fixes the problem.**)

You need a qualified photographer that is right for you, and you don’t have to look any further! Contact me today so you can ensure your wedding day is captured beautifully.

I hope to here from you soon,

Janette Diaz

Photo taken by Alli Grubbs, editing done by muah.

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How much should I spend on wedding photography?

Choose a cheap, non-experienced photographer and you might loose your cool.

A month after your wedding who is going to remember what your napkins looked like? Will they remember how your hair was done? If you have been to enough weddings you should know that guests will soon forget those special details each bride ponders over for hours. This may seem  sad but it this blog post is designed to give you perspective.

When the bouquet flowers have dried up you will still have those gorgeous photos of you holding the bouquet. Wedding photography should never be placed on the back-burner. Ensuring your special day gets captured beautifully should be a top priority. Let’s face it your don’t want to work hours on the table decorations and have a blurry image of it.

If you plan on saving money on your wedding photos think of this. An unexperienced photographer could very easily miss your first kiss as husband and wife because their camera’s flash wasn’t ready. They could easily freeze up when the pressure is on them to pose a family of 30 or more. I strongly believe every bride should hire a capable photographer to capture their most important day.

When it comes down to it price shouldn’t matter too much. If you can afford the top-notch stuff go for it because it is an important day! If your budget is tighter then do your homework! Look at the less expensive student photographers but look at their portfolio! In my opinion they need to have done several weddings  before you are in the clear. Let the beginners do free stuff for their family, don’t pay them anything if you aren’t impressed with their work!

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Baby Pictures

This month has been busy! I’m really trying to kick start my photography company. A website is in the early planning stages and some great business cards are about to be made. I’m so excited about seeing my dream come true.

I got the pleasure of photographing my new nephew Dylan Diaz, he’s a cutie. This month I will also photograph a wedding which is always so much fun, I can not wait.

Mother and Baby

Whole Family

Looking like a sailor

I did take some in color too!

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New Jobs Means New Photos

Sitting around for some close family pictures.

The whole family sitting around. I wanted there to be a comfortable lounging feeling in this one.

I saw this pretty arbor and vines, and we had to turn around. I like how they turned out.

The very beautiful Alex.

I got very lucky, Diane used to be a part time model and it shows.

The whole family in front of a fountain in Baldwin Park. I was luck and found some nice shade for their faces.

The lovely couple in Baldwin Park.

The girl on the left is in gymnastics and her sister (other one upside down) used to be in gymnastics. I came up with this one night and knew this family would be perfect for pulling it off.

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Throwback Pictures

My husband and I got the chance to go visit my parents for the holidays. It turns out there are quite a few good pictures I left on their home computer. These are from my early days but many are pretty cool. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to upload a bunch seeing as how flickr has deleted my old photos, I’m not paying for a flickr account anymore and the limit is 100 (maybe 200).

Okay that’s all I’ll bore you with for now.

Posted by: janettediaz | November 11, 2010

Little Bit of Branding

I worked on a bit of design and really like how this turned out. What do you think?

Posted by: janettediaz | October 22, 2010

Two Weddings and Two Beautiful Brides

Adam and Sarah at their rehearsal the day of the wedding.

Sarah’s Ring

Her hair is getting closer to perfection.

Bride checking out the back of her hair.

Sarah’s hair finally finished.

Beautiful Flowers

Roses and some pretty blue babies breath maybe?

She’s keeping the coast clear for the bride.

Bride and Groom’s rings on top of her bouquet.

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My Animals

This pictures really speak for themselves. But I’ll talk about them anyway. We have a shelter dog named Lola that we adopted 6 months ago and a kitten named Mooch that we adopted a month ago. Both love each other and love to play fight.

The first photos below came about when I was making a cheesecake. I decided to let the kitten lick some of the extra whipped creme and then decided he was too cute not to take a picture.

Here’s some shots from Old Town Spring, it’s sort of a historic district that’s near my house.

Old mailboxes

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What’s been up with me?

I’ve been in crazy mode trying to work on a wedding shower and doing summer school. Evan’s webcomic has been doing well, and his job not so well. But we are taking everything in stride. My mom and aunt decided to drive here from Alabama and bring me odds and ends from my Grama’s house. We had a nice visit and it makes me miss my family even more.

With photography… I just did an event for a friend, it was a Drum Corp International completion. It was lots of work and I got some pretty good shots. So I’ll have to add that to my resumé.

Oh, before I forget we got a kitten!! I’m allergic so it took some convincing, but my husband is thrilled to have the kitten. We named him Mooch (you know like in the comic Mutts?).

Our Kitten Mooch


From the Houston Aquarium

Also taken at the aquarium.

Can you find the ant?

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